Revision pains!

What a pain!


Nobody wants to spend hours and hours on revision of their work – yet the reality is that unless you have an immaculate photographic memory, you may not escape this tedious task!


We took to some of our top achieving students and asked them how THEY do it.


‘Revision can be a complete pain but I can’t get away from it. I study from the notes I make, going over the classroom history and even using the internet for mock exams. I try not to cheat but when I don’t know a answer I will look it up online or ask my teacher. It helps me a lot if I just take half an hour every day to go over the more difficult subjects of that day’. – Rosie, year 10


‘I hate that nervous feeling when exam times come closer. It never goes away so I try not to cram the night before. It only makes me tired the next day and then the tiredness and nerves make me forget all the things I already knew! I use the internet a lot to find old exam papers and just plug away at those. The best thing I like doing is getting skype with my friends and have discussions about the work we’re studying. I remember more when it is like this. Maybe not everyone can do that tho’ – Elmar, year 8


‘My mom bought me revision books, and sometimes she gets them free from the library. It is a bit of a lazy way to revise because the revision books are a lot easier’ – Natalie , year 6


‘I learn some things (like science and math) a lot easier by making up acronyms for the rules and phrases. I always make it funny so that I can remember it easy, cus it makes me laugh. I also draw pictures of things, like for my chemistry I will use colors to show different effects. I am a visual learner so this helps me bunches’ – Amber, year 10


‘I don’t like revising so I just pay a lot of attention in class. I remember my teachers voice or the weather for the day or things like that. When I finally start to revise I don’t spend hours on it because I actually remember what was being said in class. I also do my homework without looking at my textbooks at first, then I will check it afterwards. I remember things very well that way and don’t have to revise for hours and hours’ – Elad, year 9


This is just some of the very sound advice our students had to offer. If you or your friends know of more ways to revise, please share them!


To summerise:


  1. Pay attention in class, it will help you cut down on the time needed for revision as you would remember and know a lot of the work already.
  2. Find a study partner and have fun revising.
  3. Make sure you find resources online, from the library or the book store such as revision books, old exam papers or practice tests.
  4. Don’t wait until the night before to cram it all into your head, it will just leave you tired and forgetful.
  5. Try using rhymes, acronyms, pictures or diagrams to help you remember things if you are a visual learner.
  6. Try doing a little bit of revision as often as you can, not just when you have an exam looming.
  7. Pay attention to your homework and don’t just copy from your textbook. This will help you remember a lot more!

We hope to hear from other students, in other environments what THEY do to get top marks!


Useful links:

Revision books from Amazon

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If you have anymore resources, we’d be happy to share them!!


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